Model Interdisciplinary Study

Inspired IIR-ICSAJIS: Predicted the civil war in post-Tito Yugoslavia and explored the preconditions for democracy and lasting peace.
Choice Called YSM: “A book that combines scholarship and passion, scrutiny of facts, and bold statements of beliefs.”
The Yugoslav Search for Man: A Modern Odyssey and the most comprehensive study of Yugoslav civilization, adopted as a college text.
Excerpt from Chapter XII: Post-Tito Yugoslavia (p.295):
“The dilemma of national self-determination, ethnicity, and separatism reflects the much more fundamental challenge of individual freedom. This accounts for the fact that problems of nationalism cannot be resolved within the narrow conceptual framework of nationalism per se.  Solutions may be found only within the larger universe of individual freedoms and human rights.”

Readers’ Comments on The Yugoslav Search for Man:

“raises key philosophical and political questions about how to build a new, better model of social relations.”
Alan Whitehorn, Royal Military College of Canada, in American Political Science Review

“a basic source on Yugoslav socialist thought . . . . The book transmits, better than any in recent memory, a sense of excitement and wonder over the confusion of ideas and politics that characterizes Yugoslavia today.”
Paul S. Shoup, University of Virginia, in Slavic Review

“an honest and well-documented inquiry into the tribulations of Yugoslav ‘dialectical Marxism’, an attempt to dissipate illusions concerning the Titoist social experiment.”
Vladimir Tismaneanu, University of Maryland, in Problems of Communism

“by far the best study I have seen anywhere.”   Malcolm W. Browne, The New York Times

“the most penetrating and comprehensive analysis I have seen of the philosophy and writings of the Praxis group.”
John C. Campbell, Council on Foreign Relations

“a labor of love . . . most beautifully and rigorously carried through.”  Robert S. Cohen, Boston University

“interesting, provocative, important and relevant.”  Sidney H. Aronson, Brooklyn College, City University of New York

“quite valuable and instructive piece of scholarship.”  W. Norris Clarke, S.J., Fordham University

“I was deeply impressed by the outline of your demanding book project.”
Helmut Dahm, Federal Institute for East European and International Studies, Germany

“a great, comprehensive study, which we are going to use a lot for our seminars.”
Klaus von Beyme, University of Heidelberg, Germany

“Your book is unique; such a book on the same subject has not yet been written in Serbo-Croatian.”
Kosta Cavoski, Institute for Comparative Law, University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia

“May I nominate you to . . . the International Social Science Honor Society.” Joseph S. Roucek, President, Delta Tau Kappa

The South Slav Odyssey Explored in the Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies:
JIS VIII 1996: “The Bridge to Eternity: Medjugorje and the Yugoslav Civil War”
JIS X 1998: “The Third Yugoslavia: Illyrian League of Autonomous Republics?”
JIS XIII 2001: “Belgrade Student Demonstrations, 1996-97: Rebuilding Civil Society in Yugoslavia”
JIS XXIV 2012: “The Third Revolution: The Quest for an Open Society”

See also: Oskar Gruenwald & Karen Rosenblum-Cale, eds., Human Rights in Yugoslavia (New York: Irvington Publishers, 1986).