IDS Student Guide:

Dr. Jeffrey Davis, Wheaton College

Introductory Reflections for Students
Integrating Liberal Arts and Christian Faith

By Dr. Jeffry C. Davis, IDS Director, Wheaton College
a nationally recognized program

Interdisciplinary Studies is one of the fastest growing trends in higher education today. But what exactly is IDS? And how does it relate to liberal arts learning, the Christian faith, global issues, and student interests? Many students are told that a practical, specialized major is the best pursuit in college. Interdisciplinary Inclinations challenges this mind-set, cultivating a fruitful educational alternative for holistic growth.

“A compelling argument for our need to become boundary-questioners–thinkers capable of navigating an increasingly complex and bewildering cultural ecosystem. Reclaiming a vision of the traditional liberal arts–a truly free investigation of our Creator’s world of wonders–the book casts a broad net and yields a catch of knowledge-with-wisdom, increasingly rare in over-specialized academe.”
Bruce Herman, Lothlórien Distinguished Chair of Fine Arts, Gordon College

“Davis reveals both the deep pleasure and the essential practicality of interdisciplinary liberal education–yes, for our professional lives; yes, for our personal development; but above all, for a hurting world deeply in need of women and men driven by love to tackle the toughest problems with the highest levels of integrative thinking.”
Chris Hoeckley, Director, Gaede Institute for the Liberal Arts, Westmont College

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