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The Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies: An International Journal of Interdisciplinary and Interfaith Dialogue (ISSN 0890-0132) is co-sponsored by the International Christian Studies Association and published by the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research. An interconnected trilingual (English, German, French) thematic annual, JIS is published in a double issue once a year (Fall). Foreign language articles carry a 500-word English summary. JIS is indexed or abstracted in H. W. Wilson=s Social Sciences & Humanities Index/Abstracts, Guide to Social Science and Religion, Sociological Abstracts, International Bibliography of Periodical Literature (IBZ-Germany), Religion Index One, ATLA Religion Database, Religious and Theological Abstracts, Catholic Periodical Literary Index, et al. JIS is available also in electronic databases: ATLA, EBSCO, Gale-Cengage Learning, Philosophy Documentation Center, ProQuest Information & Learning, et al. Five essays published in JIS won Templeton Awards for best published papers on science and religion. JIS is listed as an ethics resource in the Bureau of National Affairs’ Codes of Professional Responsibility.
   JIS seeks to recover the lost unity of Renaissance learning, while affirming transcendental values and faith. JIS explores the vital interconnections between knowledge, ethics and faith across all disciplines. JIS themes include: 2001: The Future of Interdisciplinary Research; Reformation II; Christian Political Economy; The Rediscovery of America and Europe, 1992; The Unity of the Arts and Sciences; Religious Resurgence in the Modern World; The Family; The City in the 21st Century; The Quest for the Holy Grail; Beyond Culture Wars?; The Restoration of Philosophy; Ethics and Faith; Civil Society and Religion in the Third Millennium; Re-Inventing Liberal Arts Education; Toward a Culture of Life; Can the Market Be Moral?; Science and Religion: The Missing Link; Prophets of Post-Communism: Toward an Open Society; Virtue Ethics; Globalization & Its Discontents; Christianity & Democracy; Intelligent Design & Artificial Intelligence; The Idea of a University; The First Freedoms; Brave New World?; Interdisciplinary Studies: The Next 25 Years; Does God Play Dice? Randomness & Divine Providence; Freedom & Virtue; The Future of Religion; The American Experiment; The Future of Education; The Digital Challenge; Social Media & the Self; The Arts & Transcendence; The American Century & Its Challenges; et al. Join us in this Renaissance. JIS I-XXXV 1989-2023 Series Contents & Abstracts.
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