The International Christian Studies Association (ICSA) is an international, multidisciplinary, nondenominational, nonprofit educational society endeavoring to integrate knowledge with Judeo-Christian ethical and spiritual values in an open forum of interdisciplinary and interfaith dialogue. ICSA’s purposes and goals dovetail with those of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research (IIR). The Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies (JIS) is the official journal of ICSA, co-sponsored and published by IIR.
     Once upon a time, it was clear to all that every new discovery in science and all knowledge is a gift from God and clearly points to the Creator. But, following the Enlightenment and especially positivism in philosophy, the quest for knowledge became divorced from ethics and faith, resulting in reductionist thinking across the board, greatly impoverishing the social sciences and humanities. Curiously, at the dawn of the Third Millennium, the natural sciences are reaching the limits of their empirical methodologies, and increasingly raising metascientific questions concerning the origins, nature, and destiny of man and the cosmos–which clearly reach well beyond science=s ability to answer. Hence the fascinating and quite unexpected science-religion dialogue, which confirms the interconnectedness of all areas of knowledge–not only in the natural sciences, but social sciences and humanities, the arts and theology as well. Therefore, the overall purpose of JIS is to help scholars, students, and the public integrate all areas of knowledge with ethics and faith, and thus develop a greater appreciation for the wonder, beauty, and unity of God’s Creation.

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