The times call for a re-assessment of Mihajlo Mihajlov’s life, work, and legacy, whose significance reaches well beyond Tito’s Yugoslavia, the Balkans, and Eastern Europe. Mihajlov’s quest for democracy and human rights is an inspiration for all who strive for an open society, pluralism, and tolerance. An indefatigable human rights champion, Mihajlov’s example contributed to the rise of dissent, civic culture, and civil society, which ushered in momentous changes culminating in the peaceful revolution in Eastern Europe and the demise of Soviet rule. Mihajlov’s first freedoms–speech, thought, press, assembly, association, philosophical, political and religious persuasion–remain a continuing challenge, East and West, North and South. Curiously, Mihajlov’s thought offers a conceptual bridge between Westernizers and Slavophiles, while his universalism helped him befriend dissidents of all ethnic groups. Indeed, Mihajlov’s was a universal message of individual freedom and social justice. His undogmatic spirituality and central conception of human dignity drew on Russian religious philosophy. The question arises: Can the Mihajlov strategy guide today the quest for basic human rights and freedoms, constitutionalism, the rule of law, and democratization by strengthening global civil society? And, can the vision of popular self-government be realized in a world of competing socio-economic, political, and ethno-national interests and ideologies?

Maria M. Ivusic, Washington (Mihajlo’s Sister & Translator)


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